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Construction Chemicals(Silicate Salt)

Super Fine Aluminium Silicate

Product Name:Super Fine Aluminium Silicate

Molecular Formula:Al2O3·SiO2

CAS NO.:12141-46-7


AppearanceLoose and white powderLoose and white powder
Silica (SiO2)78%-82%78%-82%
Alumina (Al2O3)11%-13%11%-13%
Sodium oxide (Na2O)9% max9% max
Water content (105℃2h)6%-9%5% max
Ignitionloss (800℃2h)7%-9%10% max
Bulk specific gravity kg/l0.20-0.280.20-0.28
PH value (5% in water)9.7-10.87-8
Whiteness97% min96% min
Average granularity diameter1.5um max1.5um max
Crystal typeFormlessFormless


It could be widely used in printing ink, plastic, rubber, leather, printing and dyeing, and paper-making industry, etc.

If it is mixed into latex or solvent ,15-25% Titanium dioxide could be saved. Therefore, it greatly reduces the cost of paint-manufacturing, improves the stability and whiteness of lacquer.

Package & Storage

12.5kg/25kg net paper bag or plastic bag

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