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Construction Chemicals(Silicate Salt)

potassium silicate

Product Name:Potassium Silicate

Molecular Formula:K2O·mSiO2·nH2O


K2O %15.0-17.09.80-10.907.40-8.205.10-5.60
SiO2 %24.0-25.022.0-23.019.0-19.816.0-16.8
Relative Density (20℃)1.394-1.4501.280-1.3301.215-1.2651.160-1.185
Water insoluble0.01% max0.01% max0.01% max0.01% max
AppearanceNearly colorless transparent,with a viscous liquid


Self-curing zinc rich paint, which can be used as base paint for steel surface, 

it is suitable for inorganic building coating(or mineral coating), high furnace bonding agent with heat insulating effect and therefore save fuels. 

It is also used in modeling material in precision casting as a bonding agent for shape sand and core sand. 

It is used as coating for welding electrode, and bonding agent for sintering flux, and bonding agent of phosphor layer for color picture tube.

Package & Storage

Stored in Ventilated,Cool, Clean and Dry places, the transportation and storage period is one year from packing date in 5—35οC.

Security: Non-toxic, non-corrosive, nonflammable, non-dangerous product.

Packing:25kg, 200kg plastic drum