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Construction Chemicals(Silicate Salt)

Lithium Silicate Liquid

Product Name:Lithium Silicate Liquid

Molecular Formula:Li2O•nSiO2•mH2O

HS CODE:28399000.90


Viscosity (25 ℃)0-250-250-25
Relative Density (20℃)1.190±0.11.180±0.11.180±0.1
PH Value11.5±0.511.5±0.511.5±0.5
AppearanceNearly colorless transparent,with a viscous liquid


Lithium silicate is widely used, for example, as concrete curing agent, in industrial floor, electronic, medical workshop, supermarket, parking lot etc.; in marine engineering, oil pipelines, ships, bridges, building materials etc., especially for marine engineering, 

If inorganic zinc rich coating is used, valid corrosion protection period can reach 20 years. 

Meanwhile, it can be used in inorganic building coating (or mineral coating). As a surface treatment agent, it can be used to keep light in photovoltaic industry, arts and crafts, decorations, radio, plastic films; 

As a bonding agent, it can be used in asbestos, glass, TV phosphors, wood, automobile clutches etc., it can be used as advanced electrode bonding agent

Package & Storage

Stored in Ventilated,Cool, Clean and Dry places, the transportation and storage period is one year from packing date in 5—35οC.

Security: Non-toxic, non-corrosive, nonflammable, non-dangerous product.

Packing:25kg, 200kg plastic drum

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