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Styrene Butadiene Rubber(SBR)

Material Properties

Styrene butadiene Rubber latex is a kind of high-polymer dispersion emulsion polymerized by butadiene, and styrene, etc. through advanced techniques. As a white thick emulsion in appearance, it has good viscosity. It is one of the popular raw materials in tyre-dipping fabric industry, because of its good intermiscibility with VP latex for fabric dipping.

Typical properties

ProductStyrene butadiene Rubber latex (SBR latex)
Execution Standards:Q/320205 GLFF01-2010
Solid Content, %50.0±1
Viscosity, mPa•s25-35
pH Value(25ºC)10-11
Mechanical Stability, %≤5
Chemical Stability, %≤0.33


It is suitable for the dipping of tyre cord fabric, and industrial fabric etc..


1.Avoid from rain, snow or strong sunlight. Temperature: 1~40°C.

2.200L Drum, 1000L IBC.

3.Keep in dry, cool, non-aggressive gas warehouse, and avoid strong sunlight, remote from fire and thermal resource at 1~40°C, 6 months shelf life, a little decrease of PH value.