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Water Treatment Chemicals

Calcium Chloride


Product Name:Calcium Chloride

Molecular Formula:CaCl2

CAS NO.:10043-52-4

HS CODE:28272000.00


Item/TypeCalcium Chloride (CaCl2)Alkali metal chloride (Nacl)Magnesium chloride ( MgCl2)Alkalinity ( Ca(OH)2)Water InsolublePHAppearance
Calcium Chloride-SL0194%min5%max0.5%max0.25%max0.25%max7.5- 11Powder/Flake
Calcium Chloride-SL0277%min5%max0.5%max0.25%max0.25%max7.5- 11Powder/Flake
Calcium Chloride-SL0374%min5%max0.5%max0.25%max0.25%max7.5- 11Powder/Flake


Oil and gas well fluids – to boost the efficiency of drilling and the completion of wells;

Deicing agents (deicers/snow melting agent) – for sidewalk, parking lot, airport and road treatments;

Road stabilization and dust control;

Accelerators in concrete – to increase curing speed;

Industrial processing – as additives in plastics, for calcium salt production, drainage aids for wastewater treatment, etc;

Other applications – tire ballast, hydrocarbon desiccant, refrigeration brine, food processing agent or coagulating agent and additive for foods;


Storage & Package

1.The inner is used with plastics bag,the outside textile bags of plastic membrane packaging,

the each bag weight is 25kg/1000kg etc;

2.Store on the cool and dry place and guard against in the rain and the sun drenching.