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OIL Drilling;Mining Additives

Polyanionic cellulose (PAC)

Product Name:Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC)

HS CODE:39123100.00


Property /
Test procedureApparent ViscosityFiltrate volume, in seawater/KCLMoistureD.S.
PAC-HVAPI-13Min. 50Max. 23 mlMax. 10Min. 0.9
PAC-LVAPI-13Max. 40Max. 16 mlMax. 10Min. 0.9


1, PAC application in the drilling fluid

PAC for fluid loss inhibitors and water is ideal, PAC fluid mud can be prepared in high salt medium clay and shale inhibition dispersion and expansion of the shaft so that the pollution under control. 

2, PAC workover fluid in the application

PAC prepared using workover fluid is a low-solid-phase, and not because of the solid layer and the blocking of the infiltration capacity of the production would not be harmful to the production floor; and the loss of low water, so that production level to reduce the amount of water, and access to water emulsion will be formed by blocking phenomenon Township. 

PAC prepared using workover fluid to provide hydraulic workover other advantages not available. 

Production level to protect against permanent damage; 

Clean the hole with a carrying capacity, and the maintenance of boreholes to reduce the workload; 

Resistance to water and sediment have the ability to infiltrate and few foaming; 

Can be stored or transferred between the wells and wells, and workover fluid mud than the average and low cost. 

3, PAC in the fracturing fluid applications

PAC prepared by fracturing fluid capability 2% KCI solution (the preparation of the fracturing fluid must be added) and dissolution performance, ease of use, you can Site preparation, and gel fast, strong ability to carry sand. Osmotic pressure in the formation of low use, and its fracturing effect of the more remarkable.

4.Other applications

Paper-making and Food field and Paint Industries.

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