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OIL Drilling;Mining Additives

Polyacrylamide (PAM)

Product Name:Polyacrylamide

Molecular Formula:(C3H5NO)n 

CAS NO.:9003-05-8

HS CODE:39069010.00


Item TypeAppearanceSolid Content (%)Molecular Weight (Million)Degree of hydrolysisDissolving Time (Min)
Anionic PolyacrylamideWhite Granule≥885-24Low Medium High≤60
Nonionic PolyacrylamideWhite Granule≥888-15Low Medium≤60
TypeAppearanceSolid Content (%)Molecular Weight (Million)Degree of Cation %Dissolving Time (Min)
Cationic PolyacrylamideWhite Granule≥886-155-100≤60


1.The PAM is used in tertiary oil recovery,increasing oil displacement efficiency,enhancing oil recovery ratio;It may also be used as a thickener,stabilizer and flocculant of drilling fluid.

2.It is used in oily wastewater emulsion breaking,oil removal and flocculation subsidence,mainly used in the industry of oil field,food and petrochemical etc.

3.For underground non-dispersible low solid mud,polymer system of shear dilution,anti-coul,flocculation.The product is a non-toxic,non-corrosive,widely used in the wall stabilizer,With inhibition of mud shale and cuttings scattered role,both drop water loss,improve flow patterns and increase lubrication and other properties.Can effectively inhibit formation of slurry and with variety of treatment agent compatibility.Can improve the rheological properties of drilling fluid,effectively cutting the cuttings ,inhibiting formation of slurry.Can prevent soft mud shale and brittle shale of hydration and peeling,play a role in stabilizing the wall.

Storage & Package

Stored in Ventilated,Cool, Clean and Dry places.

Net Weight 25kg/bag.

Should be Transported as non-dangerous product, avoiding heat, moisture & strong shock.