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Flame Retardant

Zinc Borate

Product Name:Zinc Borate

Molecular Formula:H3BO3

CAS NO.:1332-07-6

HS CODE:28402000


AppearanceWhite Powder
Zinc Oxide ZnO35-39%
Oxidation Boron B2O345-49%
Pb10 ppm max
Cd5 ppm max
Appearance Water1% max
Crystal Water13.5-15.5%
The White degree95% min
Size2-7 μm


Zinc Borate is widely used as a kind of environment-friendly additive halogen-free flame retardant in various of polymers, due to the ratio of Zinc and Boron, Zinc borate’s dehydration temperature is great different so as to suitable for different applications in PVC, Polyolefins, polyurethanes, thermoset resins, thermoplastic, elastomers and rubbers.

Package & Storage

The inner is used with plastics bag,the outside textile bags of plastic membrane packaging,the each bag weight is 25kg;

Store on the cool and dry place and guard against in the rain and the sun drenching.

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